Mental health training

🧬 Introduction to Mental Health training for one of our seniors the other day, with a lot of note-taking and questions to send over. Disabilities aren’t always visible to other people, which is why mental health training is important to us at CorderCare. 🧬 
I’m senior carer Carla, and I have been working for CorderCare for 5 and half years so far. I recently expressed to my manager at CorderCare that I was very interested in expanding my knowledge in the area of mental health. My manager and I worked together to identify a suitable training course, and I was delighted to be enrolled. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and skills in this area and wanted to share some of my initial insights to date.
The training course is called Introduction to Mental Health: Mental ill health and well-being. I wanted to do this course because I have become very much aware that mental health issues are on the rise. Many of our service users grew up in a time where mental health wasn’t given any significance by medical professionals. Nowadays, however, there is a much greater awareness of mental health concerns, which includes various behavioural and psychological difficulties that people face. Being trained to recognise the signs of potential mental health problems in our service users is vital for their care and well-being, and it will allow me to provide a holistic care experience to the people who trust me to care for them.
So far, I have learnt how different life events can affect an individual’s mental health, and I found this to be immensely helpful to me. If any of these events happen to any of our service users, I will know what to keep an eye out for, and know how to deal with the different emotions that they might experience. I am also now aware of the benefits and limitations of being diagnosed with a mental illness, how this can affect someone’s state of mind, and where to find the support and resources that can help people to get the help they need.”

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